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Vancouver Riots Leave A Mess, But Cleanup Work Deserves A Thank You

The Vancouver Canucks released a video on Friday thanking fans and citizens of the city for their cleanup efforts after a riot left parts of downtown in shambles. Following the Canucks loss to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals, the gathered crowd in downtown turned violent, burning cars, trashing the streets and fighting with each other. The scene was surreal, but not unlike the riots following the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. History had repeated itself.

But the city dusted itself off the morning after as volunteers went to work in an effort to erase the memories of the night before. And the Canucks said thank you with an excellent video (via Canucks TV).

By the afternoon, Vancouver was spotless after volunteers spent much of the morning canvassing the city, sweeping, scrubbing and picking up debris. The riots caused millions in damage, and looters cleaned out local businesses with no rhyme or reason.

Stay with this StoryStream for the latest on the Vancouver riots as it becomes available. For more on the game itself, head over to our Stanley Cup Finals StoryStream. We'll be following the events on Twitter, as well, and can be found @sbnseattle.