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Canucks Vs. Bruins Score: Brad Marchand Gives Boston 2-0 Lead

It was only a matter of time before the Boston Bruins made it two in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The Bruins had been dominating possession in the second period, and lived in the Vancouver Canucks zone for much of the first 10 minutes. And 12 minutes into the period, Brad Marchand made it a 2-0 lead with a wrap-around goal to beat Roberto Luongo and put the Bruins firmly in the driver's seat.

The Canucks have been beaten by the same line twice in Game 7 -- first on Patrice Bergeron's goal and second on Marchand's. And now Vancouver finds itself in a 2-0 hole against Tim Thomas, the outstanding goaltender for the Bruins. If coming back from a two-goal deficit wasn't tough enough, doing it against Thomas is a daunting task.

With seven minutes to go in the second, the Bruins are in control at Rogers Arena, leading the Canucks, 2-0.

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