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Bruins Vs. Canucks Score: It's Been 20 Minutes Since Boston's Last Goal

Good news for Vancouver Canucks fans! The Boston Bruins haven't scored in over 20 minutes, which would be fantastic by itself. The bad news, however, is that Boston scored four times in just over four minutes early in the first period and lead the Canucks in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, 4-0. Cory Schneider has only conceded one goal after coming on for Roberto Luongo in the first period, but that goal, which was the fourth of the game, came before he was even settled in -- just one minute after the third goal.

The Canucks have had their chances in Game 6, though Boston holds a 24-19 edge in shots through almost two periods. In the second, the Canucks had two power plays to work with as Patrice Bergeron was sent to the box twice, the first of which came just 39 seconds into the frame. But each time, Vancouver was unable to get past Tim Thomas, and has nothing to show for its efforts thus far.

It's the same story in Boston as it was the first two times for the Canucks. Thomas has been superb again, saving 21 shots in the first two periods in Game 6. Luongo, however, has not, and finds himself on the bench once again because of it. The difference between road and home games is astounding, and Vancouver looks like a completely different team.

With just minutes to go in the third, Boston still leads in Game 6, 4-0.

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