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Sounders season ticket holders vote to retain GM Adrian Hanauer

The first instance of the Sounders democracy in sports ended without tears for anyone.


Seattle Sounders FC general manager Adrian Hanauer can rest easy knowing his job is secure in the minds of season ticket holders as they voted to retain for four more years, the team announced on Thursday.

The Sounders tout what they call "democracy in sports" and grants every season ticket holder the right to vote their GM out of office if they are not pleased with the progression of the team. The GM is voted upon every four years.

Hanauer was the owner of the Sounders at the USL level and was instrumental in bringing them up to the MLS level. Since the Sounders have entered the MLS they have been one of the league's greatest success stories, winning three straight U.S. Open Cups and have the second-best record in the MLS over the last four years.

Unfortunately none of that has ended in a MLS Championship, something all fans, and Hanauer, are pining for.

"For me, it's not good enough yet and I know that everyone else in the organization is hungry for a MLS Cup, a Supporters' Shield and a Champions League trophy," he said. "With or without the overwhelming support, fans should know that we remain absolutely dedicated to the greater goals and objectives, which is to win trophies for this community."

A total of 13,775 season ticket holders cast their vote during the two-month window, with more than 85 percent of the votes coming in before the end of the season.