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Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake: 'All scoreless ties are not created equal'

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The great analysis over at SB Nation's own Sounder at Heart tells us that there's reason to be optimistic about Seattle's chances to defeat Real Salt Lake.

Stephen Dunn

In the game of soccer, things aren't often what they seem, as was the case with the 0-0 result of the Seattle Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake MLS playoff game.

Our good friends over at Sounder at Heart broke down the game and had some great insight into what fans should take away from a game that on the surface didn't have much to it.

For starters, the quality of the Sounders' shots was excellent, and in the game of soccer, that means a lot because the Sounders will be able to build on that and convert should they find similar opportunities in the second game. Seattle created nine shots from inside the penalty area, a sign that they are starting to diversity their attack patterns and rely less on crosses as they have been known to do.

Seven of those shots came from outside of the penalty area, which demonstrated precision passing and an efficient attack led by Marc Burch, who had three on-target passes into the box from the left back position. Spacing was one of the keys to the game, and the Sounders will have the opportunity to build on that come their next matchup with Salt Lake on Nov. 8 at in Utah.