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Schadenfreude? Tony Parker sinks game-winner to beat OKC Thunder in 1st game of the year

Tony Parker became a hero to some in Seattle for the day, beating the Zombie Sonics at the buzzer.


The Sonics left Seattle years ago and the city is making significant progress on getting an arena built to host a new NBA team so it's time to get over the bitterness towards Clay Bennett and his Oklahoma City Thunder, right? Well, for some, sure. For others? Nah.

When Tony Parker nailed a buzzer beater to take down the Thunder on Thursday night, you can bet that some former Sonics fans were plenty happy and at least for one day, Parker was their favorite player. He calmly squared up from 21 feet and buried his jumper to seal a 86-64 Spurs win that sent the Thunder slumping their way off of the court.

Kevin Durant had a predictably good game, scoring 23 points and grabbing 14 rebounds, while Russell Westbrook added 18 points, eight rebounds and five assists of his own, but it wasn't enough. The Thunder lost their season opener and are on pace to go 0-82 this season.