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Seattle Storm Vs. Tulsa Shock Halftime Score: Storm Weather Hot Shock Shooting To Take 40-34 Lead

Sue Bird has carried the Seattle Storm in their previous trips to Tulsa and that continued in the first half tonight.

Bird led all scorers with 14 points while Lauren Jackson added 10 points as the Storm took a 40-34 halftime lead against the Shock at the BOK Center.

The Storm shot 57.1 percent in the half to counteract hot 3-point shooting early on from the Shock. Amber Holt and Jen Lacy have combined to shoot 5-for-6 from the 3-point line for the Tulsa Shock, who shot 5-for-11 for the half and led the Shock with a combined 21 points.

Jessica Lantz of SB Nation's Swish Appeal added from the BOK Center, "The Storm went on a 13-0 midway through the 2nd, so I don’t think the Shock can feel too bad being within six at this point after that stinker three minutes."

The Storm's ability to shoot so well was the most significant factor to taking the lead, but turning the ball over only five times also helped significantly.