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Seattle Storm Vs. San Antonio Silver Stars Halftime Score: Poor Second Quarter Rebounding Leads To 28-26 Deficit

After clamping down on the San Antonio Silver Stars in the first quarter and holding them to only 3-for-16 shooting, the Seattle Storm faltered on the boards in the second quarter and went into the locker room down 28-26 at halftime.

After getting out to a 10-0 start in the first quarter, the Storm only shot 26.7 percent in the second quarter while getting beat 12 to 6 on the boards. Perhaps most troubling about the Storm's rebounding struggles in the second quarter is that guards Jia Perkins and rookie Danielle Robinson are leading the team with four apiece.

Sophia Young carried the Silver Stars in the first half scoring 10 of their 28 points, really hitting her stride in the second quarter with Hammon again having a quiet night against the Storm.

Tanisha Wright led the Storm with eight points and four rebounds while Bird complemented her with six points on her milestone night. Lauren Jackson started again and found herself in early foul trouble, picking up two in the second quarter.