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Video: Swin Cash 'Trying To MJ' During 2011 WNBA All-Star Game Shadow Dancing Intros

2011 WNBA All-Star Game MVP Swin Cash might have deserved a second MVP award for her attempt to impersonate Michael Jackson during the shadow dancing routine during the player intros.

And her biggest competition might have been Seattle Storm teammate Sue Bird who was apparently trying to beat some anonymous stuntman up or something. 

Cash's moves at 2:45, Bird's at 3:50.

Jessica Lantz of SB Nation's Swish Appeal asked Cash about the routine after the game, when she revealed a much grander scheme.

2011 WNBA All-Star: Does Anything Scream Fun More Than Shadow Dancing Intros? - Swish Appeal
"I'm trying to MJ, Sue and Dee had a skit choreographed and then they tell Dee that she's going before Sue and we were like, oh my goodness we've got to get a guy to come in a be a stunt man now for Sue's routine. The initial thing was Diana was going to come in, Sue was going to rope her and go down and Sue was going to run out. Then, Diana - they were going to call her name and she was going to come up [from the ground] and then run out. So then poor Diana just got stuck standing there.

Bird did end up following up on her end of the scheme although her full routine with Taurasi fell through, but kudos to Cash for attempting to impersonate Michael Jackson and appropriately using his name as a verb in the infinitive form.

In any event, Bird and Cash represented the Storm and the Western Conference well in the intros even if they lost the defense-less game on the court.

To see how well the Eastern Conference measured up to the West in shadow dancing before winning the game 118-113, visit Lantz's article at Swish Appeal.