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Seattle Storm Vs. San Antonio Silver Stars Halftime Score: Silver Stars Up 32-23

There was probably one thing that the Seattle Storm couldn't afford if they planned on beating the San Antonio Silver Stars in tonight's road game: getting outrebounded.

And although the Silver Stars have only established a one rebound advantage it's the one thing that stands out about their 32-23 halftime advantage.

Sophia Young is leading the way for the Silver Stars with game-highs of eight points and four rebounds while Becky Hammon is running their disciplined offense with five first half assists to go with three points.

But the big thing the Silver Stars are doing is defending the paint and denying the Storm high percentage points. Although the Storm are shooting 4-for-8 from the 3-point line, they're shooting 4-for-20 inside the arc. The Silver Stars have simply done an outstanding job stopping penetration and contesting any shots in the paint.

Tanisha Wright leads the Storm with seven points and two assists while Swin Cash has six points, but four of the Storm's 12 first half turnovers, another symptom of how difficult the Silver Stars have made it to execute.