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Seattle Storm's Poise Helps Them To Lead At End Of Third Quarter


One of the Seattle Storm's significant advantages over other teams coming into the 2011 WNBA season was the fact that their starting lineup is entering their third consecutive season together.

It's times like the third quarter where that becomes most evident as they pulled out to a 60-47 lead over the Phoenix Mercury.

While the Mercury continue to search for their rhythm with new players in the rotation, the Storm continued to execute and find better shots to help them stretch their lead. Part of that was finding players in the post, starting with Lauren Jackson.

Jackson got points off of a combination of fast break trailing, a shot within the offense and a 3-pointer to finish with 10 points at the end of the third. Meanwhile, Camille Little controlled the offensive boards with four in the quarter as she continues to lead the team in scoring for the game.

Diana Taurasi will have her first 20 point game of the season, having 20 points at the end of three.