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Three Keys For The Seattle Storm Vs. The Minnesota Lynx

The obvious place to look for keys to the Seattle Storm exacting revenge on the Minnesota Lynx for ending their KeyArena winning streak is their 35-17 fourth quarter of their last game in which they closed a lead that was over 20 to single digits.

That begins with rebounding.

Just How Good Are The 3-1 Minnesota Lynx? - Swish Appeal
...the Storm beat the Lynx on the offensive boards 29% - 14% in their 35-17 fourth quarter comeback attempt against the Lynx, with Brunson accounting for 4 of the team's 6 rebounds.

So as of right now, if the Lynx have a weakness, it's in the rebounding department - even in situations where Brunson continues to be dominant on the boards, teams can badly outrebound (and thus outplay) the Lynx by containing everyone else. So where will the help come from?

1. Containing Brunson: As of right now, Brunson is doing the vast majority of the Lynx's rebounding and when the Storm contained her, they were able to regain their footing in the game after being stunned in the first half.

2. Someone hitting shots: But the primary struggle in the early season has just been hitting shots and something that was quite noticeable after center Lauren Jackson went down against the Tulsa Shock is that the team was moving the ball much better. As a result, they hit shots, outshooting the Shock 62.5 percent to 32.1 percent in that game. Sue Bird will likely have to lead the way again, but she's at her best when she can pass to someone that might knock a shot down every now and then.

3. Bench production: In the Storm's two losses, their bench has not been very productive: they were outscored 40-7 in their 24-point loss to the Sparks and only produced four points in the Lynx's dominant win in KeyArena. With Jackson out, bench support becomes even more critical.