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Lauren Jackson: Seattle's 'Proverbial Underrated Player'

With two championships, three MVPs and countless other accolades on her resume, Seattle Storm forward Lauren Jackson is by far the most accomplished athlete in the city.

And yet, as Scott M. Johnson of the Everett Herald suggests, she still doesn't quite get the recognition she deserves. - Sports: Storm's Jackson: The unnoticed superstar
It's telling that the nickname Lo-Jack went to a former Seahawks draft-pick-turned-bust (defensive end Lawrence Jackson) before anyone thought to give it to the Storm's biggest star.

\While Jackson is as big as it gets in WNBA circles, she's still not on par with local legends Ichiro Suzuki, Steve Largent and Gary Payton -- even though she's significantly more accomplished than any of them.

Johnson provides a couple of reasons for that, including gender and the length of time the team has existed, but perhaps the point is one made a few times previously, here and elsewhere: the team probably warrants more attention than it gets in local mainstream media and there are probably more than the few thousand fans that attend games that would find it enjoyable.