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Storm CEO Bryant Named 2010 Seattle Executive Of The Year

Just after the Seattle Storm completed their WNBA championship run last summer, Todd Dybas then at the Seattle PI, noted that Seattle's other professional sports organizations could learn something from how the Storm are run.

So it's fitting that Storm CEO Karen Bryant was awarded the Seattle Sports Commission 2010 Sports Executive of the Year award.

STORM: Bryant Named Sports Executive of the Year
Sports Executive of the Year: Karen Bryant, Seattle Storm
The Sports Executive of the Year is given to an individual for contributions to the success of the regional sports industry. President and CEO Karen Bryant guided the Seattle Storm through an ownership change, hired coach Brian Agler and presided over the franchise’s second championship season.

Regardless of whether you attended a game this past season or how you feel about women's basketball, anybody can should be able to appreciate the leadership that fomented that the Storm's success and brought another professional championship to the city in rather dominant fashion.