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Seattle Sounders fans vote on GM's fate

The general manager of the Seattle Sounders will find out whether he/she has a job as a membership mostly made up of season ticket holders gets to vote on his/her fate every four years.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The Seattle Sounders FC have touted the term "democracy in action" quite a bit, and for the first time in their MLS career, fans of the club will truly get to see what that looks like.

In a page out of the FC Barcelona book, the Seattle Sounders Alliance members (a membership mostly made up of season ticket holders, although membership can be purchased) will vote on whether or not to retain general manager Adrian Hanauer in his current position. The voting will begin on Oct. 7 and last until Dec. 7.

Hanauer can probably consider his job pretty safe. The Sounders have been one of the most talked about clubs in the MLS with how readily, and enthusiastically, the city of Seattle embraced the team's elevation to the MLS. The Sounders are on pace to make the playoffs this year again, the fourth year in a row.

It would take some pretty disgruntled fans to try and remove Hanauer from his permission. As Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times notes, it would take 10,000 votes to seemingly unseat the general manager.

Meanwhile, politics remain politics even in soccer. The Emerald City Supporters, the largest supporters group in Seattle, took to Twitter to publicly support their general manager for four more years.

For more information on the voting process, head here to cast your vote.