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Alex Caskey Out-David Beckhams David Beckham With A Brilliant Long-Range Goal

The Seattle Sounders ran David Beckham's LA Galaxy off the pitch on Sunday night with a 4-0 victory, and on a night full of memorable moments perhaps none was more stunning than Caskey's long-range chip that caught LA keeper Josh Saunders well off his line and put the Sounders ahead 3-0.

Caskey has been an up-and-down figure for the Sounders this season, showing flashes of brilliance marred by reminders of his youth and inexperience all year long, but his performance on Sunday evening was tremendous. Caskey was everywhere for Seattle, wreaking havoc down the Galaxy's right flank all evening long and figuring heavily in many of the Sounders best attacking moves of the evening. The young winger is still a work in progress, but in putting together the best game of his career in what was unarguably his team's most important game of the season, Caskey has clearly taken a step forward. If he can make good on the promise he's shown at times this season, tonight may well be looked back upon as his coming out party.