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Sounders Grind Out Win Over Earthquakes, Keep Hope Of Fourth Straight US Open Cup Alive

There's not much point in trying to offer any kind of analysis of this game; the San Jose Earthquakes video feed barely functioned for the entirety of the first half, and though the stop-start nature of the stream was rectified by the time the second 45 minutes were underway the quality was sacrificed, meaning that the images were largely indecipherable black or cyan blobs kicking a white-ish rectangle. But what's clear is that the Seattle Sounders managed to squeak by the San Jose Earthquakes 1-0 thanks to a 19th minute goal from Cordell Cato, surviving a late onslaught from the home side and grinding out the kind of win this team desperately needed in a match that featured multiple skirmishes and cries of foul play.

In other words, it was the kind of game that makes cup competitions special.

The Sounders will now face Chivas USA in the semifinals at Starfire Sports Complex, with a trip to the finals and the chance to win a fourth-consecutive US Open Cup on the line. After so much disappointment, this may well have been the kind of things that can steer things back in the right direction for Seattle. It wasn't the prettiest performance and it certainly wasn't the kind of nail-biter anyone wants to be be forced to endure on a regular basis, but it was a win, away from home, against the league's current leading team. As a proof of concept, that's some pretty encouraging stuff.