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Champions League Final 2012, Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich: Late Goals From Müller And Drogba Sends Game To Extra Time At 1-1

Just when it looked as though Bayern Munich had the Champions League trophy all wrapped up, Didier Drogba headed home the first Chelsea corner of the evening in the 88th minute. The equalizer game just five minutes after the opener from Thomas Müller, the Bayern striker taking advantage of the first real defensive lapse of the evening from Chelsea to find Bastian Schweinsteiger's cross that he headed past Petr Cech.

The game will now head to extra time, composed of two fifteen minute halves. There is no "golden goal" rule in the Champions League; both periods will be played in full. If the score is still level at the end of extra time, the winner will be decided by a penalty shoot out. Given the way the game opened up following the Bayern goal, however, such a scenario seems unlikely; after nearly and hour and a half of very stifling football from Chelsea, this game looks like it has more goals to come.