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Champions League Final 2012, Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich: All Even At Half Time

Bayern Munich has dominated possession and had the better of the chances, but a determined effort from the Chelsea defense-as well as some awful finishing from Mario Gomez-has kept seen the game half time without a goal. The Blues have gone with a less extreme version of their counter-attacking approach used to great success against Barcelona in the semi-final, and it's been tactically quite interesting; Chelsea's players seem far more concerned with exploiting open space in possession than with their typical roles, which has led to some unorthodox looking attacks.

Still, despite the excellent effort from Chelsea in the defensive phase it's difficult to picture them keeping a clean sheet for another half. The pressure has been immense, with Bayern managing 16 shots in the first half. Only 2 have been on goal, which is indicative of the struggles they've had in finishing the chances they've managed to create. With the attacking quality the side brings to the table, assuming those struggles will continue would be a dangerous bet for Chelsea to make.

The Blues are clearly not going to match the Reds where chances are concerned, but they will need to be less wasteful with the opportunities that do come their way. The openings have been there for Chelsea, but they've done far less than would be expected. This is a team that is quite capable of inflicting serious damage on the break, but the flow through midfield has been spotty and numerous touches from Chelsea's attacking players have gone awry. Roberto di Matteo seems to have gone with the right approach, but the quality in the final third will have to improve if Chelsea hope to lift the trophy.