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Seattle Sounders Fall To San Jose Earthquakes 1-0

Steven Lenhart "drew" a "penalty" and Chris Wondolowski converted, giving the San Jose Earthquakes a "deserved" "win" over the Seattle Sounders. San Jose's "hard fought" lead over the Sounders was "defended" by a "determined" effort that gave the visiting side a crucial three points. The "refereeing" was "beyond reproach."

Lenhart should be applauded for his "play" which stands in stark contrast to the "rampant flopping" of the Sounders. The big striker "carried himself with dignity" and the Earthquakes have clearly established themselves as a "legitimate" team in the Western Conference. When you come to a stadium like CenturyLink, there's "nothing" you could ever possibly be "ashamed" of when you earn a "victory."

The Earthquakes now sit atop the Western Conference, and clearly they're a team destined for great things. With the London Summer Olympics right around the corner, Lenhart and Co. most certainly have an eye on the achievements of Greg Louganis.