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Seattle Sounders break MLS attendance record

The Sounders proved they have support like no other team in MLS as they broke their own league attendance record.


Another season and yet another attendance record for the Seattle Sounders.

It's become a yearly occurrence for the Sounders to set new marks for support from their fans. This year, 733,441 total people attended games for a 43,144 average per game, both new MLS records and both were records the Sounders already owned, according to the Seattle Times.

In each of the Sounders first four seasons from 2009 to 2012, the Sounders have set the average attendance mark with 30,943 in 2009, 36,173 in 2010 and 38,498 in 2011. The support has coincided with improved play, culminating in an 11-4-2 record this season and a playoff berth. The Sounders have gone from 7-2-6 in 2009, 8-4-3 in 2010 to 9-4-4 in 2011.

And according to the Seattle Times, everyone from the Sounders to league officials believes this is an amazing feat.

The Seattle Seahawks have what is considered to be the best home field advantage in the NFL and now the Sounders continue to set records in attendance. It must be something about the fans in Seattle.