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Should Sounders retain GM Adrian Hanauer? Sounder at Heart reacts

Seattle Sounders fans can exercise a vote of confidence in current general manager Adrian Hanauer, and Sounder At Heart believes they should vote to retain him.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

The Seattle Sounders will open a vote on Oct. 7 asking season ticket holders to either retain or suggest a lack of confidence in general manager Adrian Hanauer. While the Sounders haven't been the elite of elite MLS teams, Dave Clark of Sounders At Heart believes that Hanauer leading the team in the upper echelon of the league should sway the vote asking for the team to retain him.

Are you able to be satisfied with being in the top 20% over a four year stretch? Or do you feel that a team must be the best at all times? Frankly, the latter is a ridiculously high standard. The Seattle Sounders FC, this MLS entity is very good. They are not excellent, but excellence is rare in this league and the only team that is surely excellent was the inaugural D.C. United dynasty.

Why should Seattle season ticket holders vote to retain Hanauer? For one, Clark argues the Sounders' four straight MLS playoff appearances is a solid start. Throw in the three U.S. Open Cups, the overall talent of the roster and the tie for the second-most regular season victories in MLS, and the formula that the current general manager has constructed his team with looks solid.

Of course, a championship still alludes the Sounders. Yet Clark believes the structure to get over that hump is already there.