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Some Good News From Steve Zakuani

Seattle Sounders midfielder Steve Zakuani has posted a long-overdue update to his blog, in which he discusses some very positive developments in his recovery from a double leg fracture. Zakuani is dribbling, shooting and taking part in some less strenuous training activities with his teammates. The process of recovery is still ongoing, but progress is pretty clearly being made.


There's not a lot to add, it's just excellent to see another positive development in Zak's return from injury; so much time has passed and so many things have happened since he went down that it's sometimes tempting to think that his recovery time has been interminable, but in actuality it's been less than five months. Zakuani will almost certainly not be returning this season, but he's making progress. He'll be back, and if you don't have faith that he's determined to be better than he's ever been before then you most likely haven't been paying attention to Steve Zakuani these past few years.