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Today In Craigslist Trolling Hilarity

Whether it's legitimate or just a bit of trolling by Sounders fans (the latter being far more likely) this post on Portland Craigslist is an absolute gem. Since the odds are quite good this post will be removed at some point, a handy screencap is after the jump:


(Click for full size.)

Timbers Army and Section 8 have long had a mutual shared hatred of the Sounders borne of a raging inferiority complex an alliance, with the culmination being a Timbers Army sponsored trip to Seattle in July of 2009. While it's a fine thing to develop relationships with the fans of other teams and uniting against a common enemy, wearing their colors in an effort to make the away support look more impressive is crossing a fairly obvious line. And while there are certainly Sounders fans whose obsession with Portland goes to levels which are unhealthy, at least ECS has never sent a bunch of people in Dynamo jerseys to Jeld-Wen.

So, well done anonymous Sounders fan troll. And, on the off-chance that this post is serious: you are all adorable.