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CSD Comunicaciones 1-1 Seattle Sounders, Half Time: Comunicaciones Scores Early, Osvaldo Alonso Equalizes Just Before Half

A very leaky looking Sounders defense was likely fortunate to concede just once in the first half as Comunicaciones consistently beat the offside trap and put Kasey Keller under consistent pressure. The home side went ahead early after Tránsito Montepeque ran straight through the center of Seattle's defense and onto a perfectly lofted through ball before chipping over Kasey Keller, but that was hardly the only threat of the game from Comunicaciones and without some tactical adjustments the second half could see more of the same.

The Sounders did well to hold much of the possession in the first half but were unable to create much; Comunicaiones back line, which Seattle was able to effectively dismantle in the first meeting between the two clubs, has looked far better on the evening. The Sounders were unable to accomplish much in the final third until Osvaldo Alonso volleyed a wicked bounced shot past Juan Paredes to equalize in the 45th minute. The goal is good news for Seattle on multiple fronts; the most obvious is of course the fact that they've now equalized, but nearly as important is the fact that with this being a must-win game for Comunicaciones the home side will now be forced to open up their play and give the Sounders more of an opening to attack.