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Seattle Sounders 3-0 DC United: Sounders Impressive But Rosales Injury Cause For Concern

The Seattle Sounders were dominant in every phase against DC United on the evening, putting three on the board while keeping DCU from giving Kasey Keller too much trouble but a late injury to Mauro Rosales will have the Sounders faithful slightly concerned as the playoffs linger on the horizon.

A tremendous individual effort from Mike Fucito put Seattle ahead and a lovely brace from Alvaro Fernandez put things out of reach as the Sounders showed the form that boosted them towards the top of the table and deep into cup competitions in coasting to victory against DC United. Still, the night ended on far from a positive note as Daniel Woolard came down on the right foot of Mauro Rosales in mid-stride, seemingly causing a less than trivial injury to bother the aforementioned foot as well as the knee of Roosales and casting the ability of Seattle to continue to roll over the rest of MLS in doubt.

In spite of the injury to Rosales (who had a brilliant evening) there was much call for enthusiasm in Seattle's performance. The start was a bit sloppy but as the evening wore on the Sounders regained the fluidity that made them so deadly this summer and very much looked once again like a legitimate MLS Cup contender. Still, the potential loss of Rosales hovers over the team like a black cloud and any bad news on that front could potentially thrust the home stretch of a fantastic season into doubt.