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Mad Pizza Menu Hacked; Apostrophe Rules Are Dead

For a moment this morning, the Mad Pizza menu became the center of the Cascadia rivalry. I'm not saying the Seattle Sounders' neighbor to the south had a hand in what happened, but the nickname involved does happen to be a favorite taunt of theirs. But we're not here to point fingers or anything (cough, bad Portland, cough).

We will, however, point fingers at the poor apostrophe placement in the website defacement. Note the two sentences in purple at the top of the screencap, which declare Mad Pizza's Starfire location will be closed on Tuesday for the "Flounder's" US Open Cup game.*

*Flounders', guys. Flounders'.


(click photo to enlarge)

Of course, the website was fixed a short time later and corrected to reflect the true nature of Tuesday closure. Yes, the Sounders, not Flounders, will be playing at Starfire as they host a US Open semifinal matchup with FC Dallas. Now that the Mad Pizza menu is fixed, we can all get back to our lives.



Damnit, guys. The Seattle's Sounders?

H/T to Aaron Campeau for the find.