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Charlie Sheen, Joe Roth Teaming For Anger Management Sitcom

If you follow the Seattle Sounders, you probably know Joe Roth. Though he's less public than Drew Carey or even Adrian Hanauer, he did play a role in bringing MLS to Seattle as the team's majority owner. He's also a producer, working on numerous films and television shows over the course of his career. His next venture, which involves embattled actor Charlie Sheen, may be the most interesting, or odd, project he's worked on.

The show is called Anger Management and will be co-produced by Roth. Below are a few of the details, courtesy of (h/t @CoulterChris)

The Anger Management series is being co-produced by Roth who previously teamed with Debmar-Mercury on another TBS sitcom under the company's model that was based on a movie, Ice Cube's Are We There Yet? The model, which so far has only been applied on cable, primarily on TBS, involves a significant ownership stake for the talent, something the release below indicates Sheen is receiving on Anger Management, as well as a short, usually 10-episode, initial network order followed by a massive 90-episode pickup when ratings thresholds are met.

Essentially, it's an updated version of Roth's movie by the same name, which starred Jack Nicholson. Except this time it's Charlie Sheen, who may be legitimately crazy and makes Nicholson's character look like the picture of sanity.

So if you were wondering what Joe Roth was up to when he wasn't doing Sounders ownership things, now you know. Sheen hasn't been winning in quite some time, and this sounds like it could be a train-wreck of amazing proportions.

Be sure to check out Deadline for the full details on Roth's latest venture.