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VIDEO: Who is Cillian Sheridan And What Does He Bring To Sounders Training?

As of now, we know Irish striker Cillian Sheridan is in camp with the Seattle Sounders and on trial. We also know he's rumored to be working out a loan deal with the team, which would seem to have legs considering the Sounders have acknowledged his status and said he will play on Tuesday night in the reserve game. So what else do we need to know about the 6-foot-5 striker that would seem to be a good fit at target forward to the Sounders?

A highlight video should help answer a few questions and we have two to pass along, courtesy of Sounder at Heart reader agtk. First, a ridiculous volley on the fly as Sheridan rips a shot past the keeper at an awkward angle.

Next, we have two goals from Sheridan, the second of which is accompanied by a nifty little move from the wing.

The usual caveats apply here. These are highlight videos, meant to show only the good with none of the bad. But if this is the good ... well, it would seem like he could provide the Sounders with a lift.