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Seattle Sounders Dating Videos Are Incredible ... Or Something

The Seattle Sounders are known for their creative marketing ways. Whether it's trying new ways to bring the game of soccer to fans in Seattle or different guerrilla marketing campaigns, including hanging scarfs from neighborhoods in Seattle ahead of the team's first season, the Sounders front office has done a superb job getting the word out. And this week, they took it one step further, releasing Sounders dating videos featuring Jeff Parke, Leo Gonzalez, Brad Evans, Roger Levesque and others in a video dating show format.

You can find the videos on the Sounders Facebook page. Be forewarned, they're goofy and a tad bit odd.

I honestly have no idea what to make of this. It's a cool idea, and the message has to do with making a date to see the Sounders play on the pitch at Qwest Field. But on the other hand, I have a sneaking suspicion we're all about to get ridiculed for the promotional campaign.

Take Roger Levesque, for example. In his video, he calls himself "30, flirty and thriving" while pointing out his best feature is his mustache. James Riley admits he may look like John Legend, something Sounders fans have been pointing out for as long as he's been around. Jeff Parke even cheats and invokes the use of a puppy, which is always the key to any woman's heart.

While they're funny and show the players' personalities, be prepared for ridicule, Sounders fans. Then again, how could you ridicule Jeff Parke and his adorable puppy? It just wouldn't be humane.