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Jerzy Dudek Never Received Offer From Seattle Sounders, Says Adrian Hanauer

The Seattle Sounders were quick to shoot down news that Jerzy Dudek, a goalkeeper who just played his last game with Real Madrid, had received an MLS contract offer. Just hours after a report appeared on a Polish website, Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer quickly denied it, saying the team is still searching for a goalkeeper, but did not make an offer to Dudek.

Seattle Times reported Joshua Mayers passed along the news on Twitter.

Sounders GM Adrian Hanauer on Dudek rumor: "There's not much to this." Said there wasn't an offer he knew about. Hanauer said determining their next GK is something the team is looking at but, "I definitely didn't make an offer to Dudek."

Since Hanauer would definitely be the one making the offer, we can go ahead and conclude there is, in fact, nothing to this. It's clear the Sounders are still exploring all options for the upcoming summer transfer period, but we have no idea what they may do quite yet. The transfer window is still about two months off, giving Hanauer and the Sounders plenty of time to evaluate all options and decide what's best for the club. For now, it appears Dudek is not part of those plans.

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