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On Steve Zakuani's Injury And The MLS Website

To be honest, I can't write about Steve Zakuani's injury the way I want to tonight. A mix of time commitments and being sick to my stomach over watching it happen live has me not wanting to even think about it. But I am completely disgusted by the MLS website posting a video of the injury just minutes after it happened. I refuse to post the video or even link to it out of respect for Zakuani, nor do I want to subject people to seeing the replay. It was that bad.


SB Nation's Graham MacAree captured my thoughts about MLS posting the injury, and leaving the video up, just a short time ago. You can read his thoughts here.


Putting a clip of a serious, perhaps career-threatening, injury online just moments after it happened is disheartening to me. These are the kinds of challenges that make people look down upon MLS and the physical nature of the league. Yet the league's website has it up for the world to see, appealing to the morbid side of fans.


Zakuani was diagnosed with a fractured tibia and fibula. He'll be undergoing emergency surgery Friday night in Colorado. Keep him in your thoughts and hope for the best.