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Servando Carrasco Fined, Suspended And Here's Why

The MLS announced a $500 fine and one-game suspension for Seattle Sounders midfielder Servando Carrasco after a replay of Saturday's match against the Chicago Fire showed a tackle worthy of such a punishment. Carrasco, who came on as a sub in Saturday's match, made a rash challenge on Fire midfielder Patrick Nyarko during the second half. At the time, it was only worth a yellow card, so Friday's punishment may have been a bit of a surprise.

After all, if it was only a yellow card, why would Carrasco be fined and punished as if it was a red card now, only upon further review. Was it really that bad? After the jump, a gif of the tackle, which may not be for the faint of heart. (H/T Graham MacAree of SB Nation Soccer)


Oh. Well then. Carry on. Nothing to see here at all.

Carrasco absolutely deserved a fine and suspension for his flying shin-killer tackle on Nyarko. Not only was it dangerous, it also looks like he may have detached Nyarko's foot from the rest of his body. Probably should've been a red card at the time, in fact.

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