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Seattle Sounders Give Softball A Try, Entertain The Media

After securing their first win last Saturday, the Seattle Sounders got a little cocky in training. Brimming with confidence, the Sounders branched out on Tuesday, trying their hand at softball. Sure, these guys are professional athletes, but with a bat in their hands, many resembled tee-ball players. But for one day, it was a break from the norm, and gave those of us in attendance plenty of entertainment as we watched players that look so skillful on the pitch flail away during a game of softball.


A prime example of a player captured during a foolish moment is the picture below, provided by Sounders FC. Mike Fucito has a look of determination on his face, but also appears to be having some trouble with his swing.




Call me crazy, but Fucito may want to stick to soccer. There were highlights, including two Taylor Graham one-handed homeruns. Graham had a splint on his left hand, but that didn't stop him from depositing two balls over the "left field" fence at Starfire. A full recap of the softball game can be found over at Sounder At Heart, SB Nation's Sounders blog.