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Vancouver Whitecaps Vs. Seattle Sounders: 'Caps Win 3-2 To Leave Sounders Without Points In Cascadia Summit

(Note to Seattle Sounders fans -- no freaking out about the lack of points in the Cascadia Summit. This is still preseason. Note to Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers fans -- no, this probably does not mean you'll be taking home the Supporters Shield or the MLS Cup. Sorry.)

The first half of Sunday's match between the Whitecaps and Sounders saw the expansion side take a 2-0 lead after just twelve minutes. Omar Salgado capitalized on an atrocious error by Taylor Graham, while Russell Teibert's cross proved hard to handle for Terry Boss, who bobbled it into the back of the net. The Sounders managed to get one back before the whistle when Roger Levesque assisted himself, heading the ball before volleying it into the back of the net. 'Caps 2, Pirates 1.

The Sounders came out ready to roll in the second. Unfortunately for them, they left their defense behind in the tunnel, or wherever the team goes when it hangs out at Starfire. I guess the field, which makes this analogy pointless. Anyway, the defense may as well not have been there when Omar Salgado charged down the left side. Terry Boss ran out to meet him but Salgado simply looped the ball over his head. Patrick Ianni headed it away but Camilo pounced, giving the Whitecaps a 3-1 lead.

With fifteen minutes left to go, Sigi Schmid put on Osvaldo Alonso and Steve Zakuani, proving these games were definitely about regional pride. Within sixty seconds, Ossie had turned the match on his head, likely making the 'Caps a bit nervous about what might happen when the season starts and the Sounders send in their starters. Alonso send in a ball to Roger Levesque, whose cross set up Miguel Montano for a tap in, giving Sounders their second goal.

Although Seattle followed that 77th minute goal with a golden opportunity to grab the equalizer, David Estrada's header had too much power and he could only send it over the crossbar. And so the score stood, 3-2, with Sounders falling to both expansion teams during the Cascadia Summit. Portland's 2-0 win over Seattle on Friday gives them the top spot and allows them the opportunity to brag -- at least until the season starts.