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Seattle Sounders Vs. Houston Dynamo: The Chances Are Coming, The Goals Aren't

In a roughly five-minute span, the Seattle Sounders had at least three golden opportunities to score their first goal of the season. In each instance, they were foiled by good defending, bad luck and poor shooting as the score with the Houston Dynamo remains 0-0 about 35 minutes through the first half.

The sequence started when Erik Friberg sent in a cross from the right side that found the head of O'Brian White in the 26th minute. But White's attempt was stopped by Tally Hall, who made a purely reflexive save of the shot.

A couple minutes later, the Sounders were given an opportunity to fire off three shots from inside the penalty area. The first shot reflected off a Dynamo defender, the next shot hit off the cross bar and a final attempt sailed high.