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Osvaldo Alonso Signs Contract Extension With Seattle Sounders Through 2014

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The Sounders have extended the contract of Osvaldo Alonso for two additional seasons, through the 2014 MLS season. Alonso, Seattle's most valuable player in 2010, is absolutely deserving of such a contract extension. Sounders fans will remember the terrible seven-game run in 2010, when Alonso went missing due to injury. The absence of the tenacious defensive midfielder was evident in the club's record with him missing, when they lost six of their seven matches. In Alonso's first start back from injury, the Sounders won 2-1, and proceeded to go 9-2-2 with Ossie in the squad.

Stats might not tell everything, but the fact that Seattle's nine of eleven shutouts came with Alonso present is fairly significant. He is the last line of prevention before the opposition reaches a sometimes shaky defense, particularly one that was missing Alonso's buddy Jhon Kennedy Hurtado. Although it's often easier to cheer on a flashy striker, such as Fredy Montero, most Sounders supporters know just how valuable Alonso is to the club, and will be thrilled with his extension.