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MLS Schedule: Seattle Sounders' Nuts And Bolts

Sounder At Heart’s Jeremiah Oshan broke down the Seattle Sounders 2011 schedule, putting together a few handy highlights of it all. The Sounders will play a balanced MLS slate in 2011, without having to deal with front- or back-loaded scheduling. Instead of hosting games early and having to travel late, or vice versa, the schedule features a good alternation of home and away games.

Unlike last year, their schedule is pretty balanced with home game No. 8 coming in Game 16. It is worth noting that three of their final four games of the season will be on the road with games at Vancouver, New England and Chivas USA. The Sounders’ final home game is Oct. 15 against the San Jose Earthquakes

The Sounders will also have plenty of exposure, playing on the ESPN networks five times, third most in the league this season. The longest road trip of the year spans only two games, as well, a change from last year. If you’ll remember, the Sounders were globetrotters last season, traveling out of the country then across the United States for matches in the middle of the season.

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