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Sounders Reportedly Sign Sweden's Adam Johansson

According to a report in the Gothenburg Post and lent further credence by this Tweet from former Sounder Erik Friberg, the Seattle Sounders have signed 28-year-old Sweden international right back Adam Johansson. Johansson spent last season (and the majority of his career) with IFK Göteborg, one of Sweden's most successful clubs and the only Scandinavian team to win a European competition, but is currently out of contract. If true, the Sounders will have filled the last major hole in their starting XI in finding a replacement for James Riley who was lost in the MLS Expansion Draft.
The Swedish leagues are less high profile than many other in Europe and so the number of folks in the US that have seen him play regularly is likely quite small, but given what we know about the team's desire to improve the quality of fullback play it's a decent bet to think the Sounders feel as though Johansson is an upgrade over James Riley. Johansson is a natural right back but has spent a good portion of time on the left as well, giving the Sounders some additional flexibility in defense. The signing is yet to be confirmed and there are almost certainly changes still to come, but for the first time since the expansion draft it would appear as though the Sounders have a full starting XI with which they can be comfortable.