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Seattle Sounders Transfer Rumors: Sounders Sign Cordell Cato?


The signs seem to pointing that way, at least. Cato is a 19-year-old U20 Trinidad & Tobago international that had a trial with the Sounders  in June of this year. Cato is a raw but talented MF/F about whom little is known. This isn't the big, flashy signing a lot of Sounders fans may have been hoping for, but it's a continuation of the Sounders strategy of scouting young players from under-scouted and under-valued regions.

On the top end, Cato may provide depth at forward and midfield in MLS competition next season. In the worst case, he'll fill the Miguel Montaño slot on the roster of promising youngster that's not quite ready for a spot in the first-team rotation. In the best case, Cato could be much-needed first team depth at forward and midfield.

We're still very much in the ambiguous wait-and-see phase, but all signs are pointing to Cato being a Sounder. It's difficult to say what that means right now, but given the record of the front office it's safe to say that if the youngster does end up joining the team he's going to be a player worth watching.