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PHOTO: Seattle Sounders New Third Kit Leaked? Sure Looks Like It.

A purported leak of the Seattle Sounders new third kit has been making the rounds on Twitter this afternoon, and as opposed to your typical badly Photshopped mock-ups this one seems pretty legit.

(Photo after the jump.)


The above photo was Tweeted out by photographer Rob Mar before being quickly deleted. If that's not enough to lend a pretty hefty dose of credibility, just take a look at who is wearing it.

As expected, this thing is pretty ostentatious. The color scheme is similar to the blue and "Electricity" yellow color scheme found on many of adidas' soccer shoes, including the wildly popular Predator. Taste is completely subjective and this is a low quality leak, but my initial reaction is not overwhelmingly positive. I love the blue, I loved the Electricity shirts, I love the collar and I love the lack of visible Tech-Fit straps (on the front at least) but the complete package just doesn't do it for me.

Still, I'll hold off on full judgment until we see it in the flesh. And let's be honest; there's no way the Sounders' alternate jersey was going to be universally loved. The entire point is for it to be loud and annoy as many people as possible. When you're trying to troll the entirety of MLS, sometimes there's going to be a bit of blowback.