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Sounders Midfielder Brad Evans Is A Fashionable Man, Digs Masks

If you follow Brad Evans on Twitter you might have already seen this, but just in case it slipped under your radar: Brad Evans has been named Built For Man Man of the Month for November. Built For Man is a small Seattle-based clothing manufacturer that provides looms to rural Peruvian communities on which to knit $95 alpaca fur arm warmers. Kidding aside there's not a thing wrong with dressing yourself well, Built For Man seems like a cool local company with a socially responsible mantra and Evans used the opportunity to plug several charitable causes with which he is involved.

The best part about the whole thing is that we learn a few interesting tidbits about Brad Evans. That his favorite movie is "the Big Lebowski" says great things about his taste. He also seems to have put a lot of thought into his self-described "Country meets Hipster meets California Couture" approach to style. We now know that he doesn't subscribe to GQ for the articles. And of course, there's the thing about masks. I wonder why they chose to leave that bit out of the "Date With A Sounder" ads?