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Sounders Vs. Real Salt Lake, MLS Cup Playoffs: THERE IS HOPE!

In a night full of Seattle Sounders' frustration, there is finally real hope. Osvaldo Alonso converted a penalty in the 56th minute and Lamar Neagle scored again five minutes later and a three-goal deficit is suddenly one with a little less than 30 minutes to play.

Of course, there's still a very long way for the Sounders to go. One goal is still one goal and the Sounders have already scored more in the last five minutes than they had scored in their entire playoff history up to this point. That final goal is not going to come easy.

But this is the exact situation Sounders fans have been dreaming of. If you had told any of them that the Sounders would need just one goal with 30 minutes left to play, they would happily take it.

History is still a long ways off, but it now appears to be within the Sounders' grasp.