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Sounders Vs. Real Salt Lake, MLS Cup Playoffs: Winning Everywhere Except Where It Matters

Let's get this out of the way right now: The only place the Seattle Sounders need to win is on the scoreboard. As I write this, they are still trailing by three goals.

Of course, it's not for lack of trying. The Sounders fired 15 shots toward goal in the first half with four of them on frame. Real Salt Lake managed just one shot. The Sounders held possession about 65 percent of the time. They completed about 8 percent more of their passes than RSL.

In a word: They are dominating RSL. And it doesn't matter. Not at all. The only statistic that should matter to the Sounders right now is the number of goals they have scored, and right now they have scored zero.

They are now 37 minutes away from their season ending ignominiously once again. Stopped in the conference semifinals without ever sniffing the lead. The Sounders need to get it together and quick.