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Sounders Vs. Real Salt Lake, MLS Cup Playoffs: The Most Frustrating Half Of The Season

The Seattle Sounders came into this match facing an impossible task: Outscore a very good Real Salt Lake team by at least three goals or be eliminated from the playoffs. One half in, and they are not doing nearly enough.

It's still essentially 3-0 RSL, despite the Sounders' best efforts, but efforts really aren't worth all that much right now. Whatever margin for error the Sounders had coming into this game is surely gone. It doesn't matter that the only thing standing between them a at least one goal is Tony Beltran's big ol' head and a possibly dubious foul call against Fredy Montero that negated a goal.

Those are meaningless notes right now, though. Whether or not the Sounders played well enough to get back into the match is quite irrelevant at this point. They have not scored and they need to figure out how to do it three times in a single half. Possible? Sure. Likely? Who cares?