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Sounders Vs. Real Salt Lake, MLS Cup Playoffs: Oh Go Away Tony Beltran

This game should be 1-0 Sounders. It really should. I am not making this up. Jeff Parke hit an absolutely beautiful volley from about 16 yards out that was destined for the back of the net. The only problem was Tony Beltran sticking his big fat head in the way.

Really, it's been that kind of night so far for the Sounders as they chase a 3-0 deficit against Real Salt Lake in the second leg of their MLS Cup playoff game. The Sounders have managed to control possession, have taken lots of shots and so far have nothing to show for it.

Parke's was their best legitimate chance, but Fredy Montero actually put one in the back of the net a few minutes later. It was, of course, all for naught as referee Jair Marrufo called a foul as Montero went up for what seemed to be a 50/50 ball to these biased eyes.

It's been that kind of night, though.