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ANIMATED: Erik Friberg Is Tired Of This Nonsense

If the Seattle Sounders are going down, at least they're going down with a fight. Now that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be pouring in goals, but Seattle is bringing the fight to Real Salt Lake in a more literal fashion. It hasn't taken long for tempers to boil over, spurned on by a bit of rough play early at CenturyLink Field.

So far, we've seen Fredy Montero beaten around and two others -- Alvaro Fernandez and Brad Evans -- have to come off with injury. It's been physical, and on the rain-soaked field in Seattle the play is a recipe for disaster.

Yet the most questionable play of the night probably came from Erik Friberg. Tired of a stall tactic, Friberg stomped up to a RSL player and took matters into his own hands, shoving his opponent off the ball. And yet, no card!



Just wait for the hockey fight to break out later.