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Seattle Sounders 2-0 Chicago Fire: Sounders Win US Open Cup, I Am In No Condition To Write An Actual Recap

I will be, at some point; this was an interesting game. The Fire were very good. The tactics were interesting. Adjustments were made. Players did things we didn't thin they could. I am very glad that I TIVO'd it. It will be fantastic to watch later. Fredy Montero's goal that made all of CenturyLink Field breathe just that little bit easier was a brilliant bit of goal poaching. Osvaldo Alonso's stoppage-time stunner was absolutely breathtaking. This game was a heart-stopper and at several points it looked as though the Sounders might be in some pretty serious trouble. They never were though. Which is a pretty huge plus.

But tonight took everything out of me. The ECS overlords worked me to the bone. I have no voice left. I have very little brain left, because I probably burned three times as many calories tonight as I've taken in over the past few days. All I know is, the Seattle Sounders are the US Open Cup champions for the third straight year. Which is totally ridiculous. It also means the Sounders will once again qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League.

This is amazing you guys. Just enjoy it. This city deserves more champions. The Sounders are doing their best to make up for everyone else.