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Seattle Sounders Respond To Sky-High Expectations With The Worst Performance In Franchise History

That was inexcusably terrible. Every single element of the Sounders performance was atrocious and embarrassing, and a humiliating 3-0 scoreline flattered the Sounders. There aren't even adjectives strong enough to describe how terrible Seattle was in every phase of the game. The USL era Sounders would have mopped the floor with the impostors that took the pitch wearing rave green tonight.

There's absolutely no sense in attempting to catalog all of the things that went wrong. Osvaldo Alonso was terrible. Fredy Montero was terrible. Alvaro Fernandez was terrible. On most days that's going to be enough to doom Seattle, but everyone else on the pitch wearing green was equally bad. Thing the first goal was offside? Don't think it's fair to count  Saborio's wonder-goal against the Sounders? Okay, fine. But the Sounders still lose 1-0, are lucky not to lose 4-0 and even luckier not to have lost Alonso to a red card after his cold-cocking of Saborio.

This was just beyond embarrassing. There's not much else to say. The Seattle Sounders have shown over the course of the season that they are one of the best teams in MLS and even a top-10 team in CONCACAF. That team didn't show up tonight. the one that did ought to be ashamed of themselves.