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Hey Seattle, Want To See A Champion Crowned? Head To CenturyLink On Tuesday Night.

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Yes, I know. A Super Bowl win would be a much bigger deal. And a World Series would probably put even that to shame. As civic events, this is fairly minor. Heck, you're a hip and with it kind of person; you'd take the next day off of work for an MLS Cup win. We're starved for championships after all. No sense picking and choosing. This might not be a Sounders town just yet, but the city knows what's up. We'll take what we can get.

But what if I told you you've already got a champion in town? And what if I told your they're defending their title on Tuesday night? And that your home town team has a chance to accomplish something no other team has managed since 1969? Sure, it's not an MLS Cup. And it's certainly not a CONCACAF Champions League title. But it's still a championship. And it's one a wonderfully constructed team that has managed to fight their way to while also managing to stay afloat in the race for the MLS Cup, MLS Supporters Shield and CONCACAF Champions League competitions.

Does it get bigger, and better Sure. Even in the second-teir world of American soccer. But you know what? At the end of the night, you get to see a team representing your city hoist a trophy over their head. You get to watch them take the Cup on a tour around the stadium, you get to anticipate the moment next season when the banner is lifted above CenturyLink Field, you get to know that your club will be representing your you in international competition next season.

But of course, you only get to see any of this if you're there at CenturyLink Field on Tuesday night. Luckily, there are still a whole lot of tickets available. The enormity of this event has convinced the Sounders front office to open up every seat in the house, including the Hawks Nest. If you've ever wanted to find out what the Seattle Sounders were all about, now's your chance. Overheard your co-workers rave about the fun they've had watching the Sounders? Curious as to what that whole March to the Match you've happened across on your way to the ferry terminal is about? Want to impress that cute gent/lady with the scarf you've seen at the coffee shop? Just looking for something to do after work on Tuesday?

Pick up a ticket. The chances are good that the Sounders are going to break the US Open Cup attendance once again. Did I mention that? No? Oh, yeah. Well this stuff is kind of a big deal. Your totally beautiful/handsome barista is probably totally into it. As is your unbelievably handsome/pretty bartender. Yep, in fact I think he/she mentioned it to me last time I saw him/her. You should totally go.

Here's the link. Come on, Seattle. You know you want to.